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15-07-2018, 22:43
   Nargila Dwarf Nargila Dwarf   
: 11.01.14
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Not only is the situation now less dangerous than before, it is completely different!
For example Hamas had a political leadership, Israel had a more capable government,
, Egypt used Hamas to pressure Israel, Qatar was not involved.
There is no point comparing the two situations.
I do not live in Israel, and only talk to my family who lives south'ish, so I should not speak for the people of south Israel.
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No argument there, I just meant it was an effective hinder.
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That is wishful thinking, and untill such leadership arises (if at all) it is up to Israel, like before the Oslo accord
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There are all kinds of actions before occupation, both civil and military.
Right now Hamas can resist hard against the IDF, strangling Gaza weakens it.
Yes it leads to suffering in Israel and moreso in Gaza.
It is a shitty situation without military solution right now. That is why it is managed.

Is the underline text a reference to " "?
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Fair. I just think this will not work and will cost way too many lives.
I believeed in Oslo and that leaving Gaza (and Lebanon) would end the story, and if not we will hit them hard etc.
It did not play out like that.
The same with planning to occupy Gaza:
Daily attacks and IED's, no leadership there to take civil responsibility,
no willingness of Israeli leadership to move beyond military means.
And the good souls of the Turkish, Qatari, and Russian governments sticking their noses into it.
Sing while you may
- The Legendary Pink Dots