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Andrei Gorbachevsky TOR .


A Missile Systems Expert on the Plane Downed in Iran
Iran claims that they launched a missile from a Russian-produced Tor anti-aircraft missile system at the Ukrainian passenger plane because they mistook it for a cruise missile. But it turns out this is another lie. We asked Tor missile systems developer Andrei Gorbachevsky to fact check the official Iranian version of the events.

Lies, lies and more lies. The Ukrainian Airlines flight from Tehran to Kyiv was a regular one and it would have been recorded in the country’s air defense system as passing through an allocated corridor: “this alone should have shown [the commander] that there is a civilian airliner in front of him, not some American drone,” Gorbachevsky explains. Tor anti-aircraft missile systems also have two locators, which continuously survey everything around them. Gorbachevsky estimates that the locator would have picked up the plane within twenty seconds of its takeoff from the airport in Tehran. The plane was in the air for six minutes: “from the very beginning of the flight, it was clear where it took off from,” Gorbachevsky says.

“Collapse of Iran’s air defense”. “I can’t remember a more serious mistake in the history of air defense,” Gorbachevsky says. He calls the Iranian explanation “a purely political statement” and thinks that “Iran wants to hide the degree of the collapse of its air defense.” Another sign of colossal incompetence is that Iran actually launched two missiles – an action that is usually only taken when a guaranteed hit on a military target is needed. “No one would launch two rockets at a civilian plane, when one is enough to destroy it,” Gorbachevsky explains.

Read Andrei Gorbachevsky’s full analysis of the downing of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752.
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