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18-05-2020, 19:21
: 11.10.04
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Japan's SDF new rifle

Everyone tonight. New administration or Corona.
Israel is also moving every day.
Are you avoiding corona correctly?
Although a little old, the Israeli army has selected and used Tabor as a new rifle.
MOD announced the succession of Type 89 and 9mm pistol (SIGP220) for Japan Self Defense Force.

The official name is "TYPE 20 5.56mm rifle"

The content is a collection of guns from all over the world.
In my opinion, like the LMT's MARS-L, the screw is visible on the gun body.
Perhaps it's modular enough to easily change barrel length and ammo.
The barrel of Type 20 is 14 cm shorter than Type 89.

The selector is the same as the Type 64 rifle, A, TA, RE.
There is no 3-point shooting device.

ATARE = ​​HIT (in English)
ANZEN> A> Safety
TANPATU> TA> Single shot
RENPATU> RE> fully automatic

And the grenade also changed. Familiar in Israel
The method of attaching it to the tip of the barrel has been adopted for many years, but it has been changed to 40 mm. The grenade is the GLX160 made in Italy.

The magazine also caught up with the world fashion.
From Type 64 until now, I had to open a hole in the magazine to check the remaining ammo, but there was a problem of dust entering. But now it's made of plastic.

Introduced 3283 for this year's budget. We will get 150,000 pcs in the future.
The Navy and Air Force have no information yet. Personal thoughts.
The Navy and Air Force will probably deploy TYPE20 instead of the newly manufactured TYPE89.

And the pistol changed from P220 adopted in 1982.
We have decided on SFP9 of HK.
It had the same problem as P320, but decided to SFP9.
The planned number of 14,000 units is.

TYPE20 5.56mm rifle = 2607.42 USD / 9223.52 NIS
SFP9 = 651.85 USD / 2305.88 NIS

Japan has a strict idea about weapons.
Israel collects Galil rifles used by the army and redevelops them. Later provided to other countries. If Japan does the same as Israel,
it can easily be imagined that left-wing politicians, antiwar groups, teachers' unions, the media, and neighboring countries will be in a fuss. Howa AR180 problem that occurred in the past.

Unlike other countries, we do not market second-hand goods, all 89 types are discarded.

I saw in Galeizahar that the Israeli army had ceased outdoor training because of the severe heat. Everyone should be careful about heat and corona.
I use google translation.

Report of TYPE20, SFP9 (All TYPE20and SFP9 videos have the same coverage date.)
= I'm sorry! All videos are in Japanese.=

JGSDF twitter

Twitter, .

SAT Magazine (Magazines dealing with world military and police)

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YouTube, .


YouTube, .

YouTube, .

Beretta GLX160 40mm Grenade Launcher (English)

YouTube, .

=type89 selector=
The person on the left is a member of the SDF JGSDF SOG..
AIRSOFTGUN is used for the demonstration

YouTube, .

Exercise Iron Fist 2018
Self-Defense Force personnel shooting live

YouTube, .
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