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10-10-2023, 22:18
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The attack which is meritless and devoid of basic human standards demonstrated the utmost sadistic and cruel nature of Hammas, and should therefore be viewed as an attack on the whole western world, threatening merits morals and even the very existence of the whole western world as a free society.

Almost every realm in the world is exposed (to one degree or another) to tyrannical regimes and/ or organizations who do not value the lives of their members residents or citizens and those of their opponents alike. The only deterrent against such groups and factions is their clear understanding that they will be eradicated upon such behavior at all cost. This precedent took place when the Taliban attacked the USA on 09/11 and later again against ISIS and must take place again for the sake of the peace of the whole world.

In the above-mentioned instances the whole world clearly understood the need to purge ISIS and Taliban regardless of the adverse suffering of citizens in Afghanistan Syria and Iraq. Moreover if we refrain from taking such action currently, in the future we will face much greater atrocities and suffering.

To our great sorrow Hammas left no choice! The citizens of GAZA as well as many Israelis including the hostages - babies, woman and children and elderly people -and their families will be among those to suffer greatly. Hammas must be purged and eradicated for everyone's sake and so that the whole world may live in peace.
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