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ישן 29-05-2014, 19:38
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חבר מתאריך: 20.04.13
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The 2011 San Fernando Massacre

כתבה שנתקלתי בה במקרה, סיפור מזעזע שמכניס לפרופורציות את הטרור בארץ.

The bus of the ADO line was making its regular stop in the city of San Fernando,
Tamaulipas on a destination to Reynosa. They arrived at the terminal unloading two people and boarding four, making a total of 15 passengers onboard the bus. The bus departed the terminal to follow the route; it was 8:30 in the evening of March 25, 2011. They quickly left the small village as they did not want to become victims of the criminals who operate in the city, however, that night would be the last they would fear, because they were already sitting in wait for them.
The streets in San Fernando empty at about 6 pm. The small town is a ghost town after dark, no one leaves their homes, and everyone protects themselves for fear of Los Zetas. Only the luxurious SUVs are seen travelling through the empty streets, no one wants to run into them.
The bus was just leaving the village when the driver saw a truck in the distance blocking the middle of the road and hooded men wielding AR-15s, at that moment he knew that all was over. The armed men ordered him to stop the bus; the driver was forced to stop. The men approached the bus pointing their long guns and shouting; “Open the door motherfucker, move it son of a bitch if you don’t want me to shoot you in the fucking head.” Shaking the driver opened the door of the bus, and instantly the armed men boarded the bus, one of them struck the driver on the face with his rifle while the others went inside shouting at the passengers, “You all just got fucked mother fuckers.” The passengers on board were terrified, the women were crying while the children were hugging their parents, and also crying. Everyone was in panic, they thought it was just a robbery, but it was not.
They ordered the driver to continue driving, taking him a several feet along the road until they reached a ditch, where they ordered him to get off the road there and go another 6 miles on a dirt road. This seemed to be the longest ride in the lives of the passengers. They reached a very wide open field in the middle of nowhere, a plot of some kind, it was very dark. At the location were approximately 20 luxury trucks, and 3 other buses from several different bus lines, some had visible bullet holes with flat tires and broken glass.
One of the armed men told the driver to stop the bus, then they separated the men and women and then they ordered all the men to get out of the bus. They forced about 8 men out of the bus who ranged from 15 to 50 years old. They lined them up next to the bus where several armed men approached them and they started to separate them again by removing the old or weak. They removed two old men and two others that looked sick. They tied their hands and feet, and took them to another group of men that also seem to be old and weak. The ones who remained back were told to remove their shirt and to wait there.
Some of the armed men went to one of the SUV’s parked nearby and shouted “call the comandante.” It is when the presence of this man was made known, who was dressed in all black commando style, wearing a bulletproof vest and pouches all over his clothes; they all called him “Comandante 40.” The man approached the men without shirts that had been forced off the bus and told them in a loud military tone type of voice, “Lets see mother fuckers, who wants to live, tell me now,” but no one dared to answer. Everyone was looking toward the ground; they were unable to look up frozen in fear.
A young man around 15 years of age urinated on his pants from the sheer fear while visibly trembling all over his body as if he was cold and a flood of tears ran down his cheeks. El 40 drew his handgun from his holster and without hesitation shot him in the forehead. The boy collapsed to the floor dead in an instant, while the other men also started to tremble in fear. “Who else is a fag here?” asked the El 40. No one dared to answer. “I will ask one last time mother fuckers, who wants to live?” This time he was yelling loud and clear, and suddenly all the men immediately raised their hands. “Good, we will give you a test to see how badass you all are, the ones who succeed will live, the ones who do not will get fuck.” With that he ordered several of his men who were sitting inside another SUV to bring the sledgehammers and the men gave a sledgehammer to each man. “Ok listen up assholes, the trick is this, we are going to pair you in twos, and you are going to fuck up each other with the sledgehammers, and the one who survives will join us in our work and you get to live, while the one who does not survive, well you get fucked,” he said sarcastically making his men laugh out loud. The passengers were stunned by the instructions from a narco who resembled more a nazi than anything else, they could not believe this was happening to them. Everyone grabbed their sledgehammer and took their position with their pair. They stared at each other with a look of pure fear. “Ok, fuck each other up,” ordered El 40.
One of the passengers came begging to him, saying, “Please sir, I do not want to do this, I will give all my money and my home if you let us go.” El 40 looked at him straight in the eye, took his sledgehammer and said, “Okay fucking faggot, go.” As soon as the man turned to leave El 40 hit the man in the head with the sledgehammer using brutal force. The man fell to the ground bathed in blood and El 40 just went crazy hitting the man on the head with the hammer until his head was smashed in to pieces. “This is what you all have to do son of a bitches, use your balls, anyone who does not want to do this tell me now and I will fuck you up,” all men then began to fight against each other.
The bus driver was still inside the bus with the man who had intercepted them along with all the women and children. Several armed men got on the bus and forced all the women out of the bus who they felt were the prettiest. They were yelling at them; “Move whore,” all crying and screaming as were the children. One of the armed men gave an ordered, “OK bitches, give me your young ones” and while weeping, the mothers took their children on their arms, which ranged from newborn to 8 years old. The children clung to their mothers while the sicarios snatched one at a time. They got everyone out of the bus and took them away, while some of the sicarios beat the women who remained on the bus.
The young women that had been forced off the bus were taken to a beat up hut where other young women were waiting there. Inside it was dark and filthy, and one could hear screams and moans. There the sicarios tore the clothes off the women and began to rape them. Inside the hut were approximately 30 women being raped, others were torn up on the floor.
The children were taken to another location where there were tanks filled with acid, and there they threw them inside the tanks. Little by little the cries of terror began to fade in to the night. The only sound left was from the sicarios who were laughing out loud, one of them shouted to the others; “the soup is almost ready.”
The armed man ordered the driver to turn on the bus, and directed him to drive the bus to the location where they had placed all the men who were old and weak, they were lying on the ground in a single line tied to their feet and hands. “Drive your bus over them,” ordered the sicario to the driver. The driver looked at him stunned, he could not believe what he just ordered him to do. “I said drive your bus over them or I will place you along with them so you can get fucked too idiot,” the sicario yelled at the driver who felt he had no other choice but to comply. While driving his bus he could feel as if he was going over bumps, except the only difference was the screams from the people underneath. The women who remained inside the bus were crying uncontrollable after witnessing such horrible act. The sicarios inside the bus were just laughing. Not until he was finished driving over all of the bodies did they order him to stop.
It was then that the sicario shot the driver in the head and began to shoot the women who were inside the bus. The sicarios got out of the bus and set it on fire.
Comandante 40 gathered all the Zetas and said, “that is all for fun and game for tonight cabrones. Bring me all the winners” and they brought all the men who had killed their partner with the sledgehammer and El 40 said,” Welcome to the Special Forces of the Zeta, the other military.”

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