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10-09-2020, 13:19
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"Sharpening the clutches" on the battlefield: What weapons will Russia test in Syria after Army-2020?
Bao Lam |09/06/2020 11:15

Pantsir-S1 launches a missile to strike a target during a maneuver. Photo: Sputnik

In December 2019, QP Minister Sergei Shoigu said that more than 350 types of Russian military weapons were in combat in Syria and more than 600 weapons of all kinds were tested here.
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Indecisive and impulsive, the two US presidents lost pain to Russia in Syria
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Five years ago, the Russian armed forces in Syria built the new and largest military arena for the testing of nearly all new weapons - from Calibr cruise missiles, Su-57 fighters. 5th generation, T-14 Armata tank, to a variety of ammunition.

As early as December 2019, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that more than 350 types of Russian military weapons were in combat in Syria and more than 600 weapons and military vehicles of all kinds were tested. Many of these have been perfected thanks to the experience of Syria.

At Army-2020, a total of nearly 28,000 exhibits are on display. It is understandable that not all are of a military nature, as there are known exhibits, but there is no shortage of entirely new products.

The Rostech Group has introduced around 70 models that have never been on display. Attracting special attention are the interesting models of anti-UAV complexes (observing them, Mr. Shoigu mentioned the need to "test fire" in Syria), advanced systems for weapons. armor, control and communication systems, and other models of weapons and military equipment.

Absolutely possible to bring to Syria to "test fire" is the BTR-82AT, with a combination of screens and remote control module to increase the combat performance of this armored vehicle (compared to BTR- 82A) by 1.2 times.

The Russian Navy's Orsk landing ship passed through the Bosphorus on February 28, 2020. Photo: Reuters

The new guided missiles of the Tornado-S series of jet artillery systems could also make their way to Syria. The range of these missiles has been raised to 120km. Accuracy can be achieved with the special design - only the tail of the missile orbits its longitudinal axis, and the missile and the tip of the bullet are not moving.

The missile is controlled via satellite and their accuracy is 15-20 times higher than that of the Smerch series of jet artillery. Homing ammunition had never been used in a series of jet artillery before.

The Germes high-precision guided weapon complex with a range of up to 100km for the first time on display may also head on a direct route to Syria.

The accuracy of the missiles, primarily to destroy enemy tanks, is ensured by the multi-function navigation radar system, which includes communication and navigation equipment, as well. like two UAVs.

Germes was actually present in Syria, but is the Germes-A air force variant with a range of about 30km, an even very impressive figure for anti-tank missiles (the closest competitor is the Spike NLOS. of Israel from 20-25km away).

In October 2016, the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetzov brought the K-52 attack helicopters armed with these experimental missiles on the way to Syrian territorial waters. It is not clear which targets they were used to shoot down, but Russian helicopters were later massively equipped with Germes-A to replace Vikhr and Ataka anti-tank missiles.

It can be surmised that even the army variant of Germes will be equipped to the units after combat testing in Syria.

The new UAVs on display at the Army-2020 forum may also be present in the skies over Syria. Examples include the Helios radar surveillance device, Sirius reconnaissance-attack UAV and the Grom high-speed attack UAV capable of carrying a respectable amount of weapons.

Adding another new product in the field - the multi-functional Rat complex. This is the first mobile laser-guided domestic anti-UAV complex. This combination is capable of detecting UAVs at distances up to 3.5km, performing suppression of UAV control channels at a radius of up to 2.5km.

When one or more UAVs break into the protected area, the Rat locks their communication channels and satellite navigation, while the operator can destroy them with laser when necessary.

The above is a list of incomplete weapons, weapons and equipment that after the Army-2020 exhibition, Russia is likely to be put to the test of actual combat conditions in Syria.

... :
Russia sent "anti-tank assassins" to destroy 10 armored vehicles simultaneously to Syria
Hai Yen |08/09/2020 10:52 AM

The Russian military is sending more Hermes missile systems to Syria in the context of Turkey's concentration of armored vehicles in the Arab republic - Avia.Pro news agency said yesterday (September 7).

"According to the media mentioning the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian army sent" assassins "of Turkish tanks and armored vehicles to Syria . They will be tested in Syria under the control of the Russian military.

Such a combination can destroy up to 10 enemy armored vehicles simultaneously from a distance of up to 100km. This allows the Syrian army to destroy hundreds of Turkish self-propelled artillery and tanks in just a few hours "- Avia.Pro said.
“The missile's accuracy, used primarily to destroy enemy tanks, is supported by the multi-function radar-guided system. It includes communication and navigation equipment as well as 2 unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

Hermes is already present in Syria, but this is a variant of the Hermes A air force with a range of about 30km - an impressive figure for anti-tank missiles (its closest competitor is Spike NLOS's). Israel has a range of 20-25km).

The above information comes at the time when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said his country was deploying a new bombing system on the jets after their success in Syria

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