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30-04-2018, 23:13
   Nargila Dwarf Nargila Dwarf   
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That is a good argument. Is there any data to support your or my argument?
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That is false:
The 1996 shelling of Qana had bad consequence for Israel,
including a UN audit of IDF actions, and the halting of Grapes Of Wrath operation.
The 2006 Beit Hanoun shelling resulted again in an UN audit, and was the end of using artillery for Batash.
The Goldstone report followed the 2009 Cast Lead Operation. It was the closest that Israel got to indictments for war crimes.
That was fun.

It is so predictable that an actor could manipulate the IDF or Israel to kill people,
and use the aftermath for the actor's goals.
You know, much like what followed the Mavi Marmara incident.

The reason the IDF has lawyers in command posts for operations,
and the Haflala protocols, and the legal procedures in strike planning
is because the IDF fucked up in the past and had to scramble to protect fighters, officers, air crews, and planners legally.

And this is where we get to:
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Mistakes happen, fair enough.
I want to think that lessons were learned, implemented, and followed up.
I want to think that soldiers shoot for the right reasons, and that the ROE are legal and defensible in court.
But after being on this forum for about 14 years, I understand that
parts of the IDF do not like to change untill disaster strikes, or the consequences are bad enough for Israel that change is forced by the political level.
For example, there are hundreds wounded from live fire over the last weeks in Gaza even if you divide the palestinian numbers by 2-4.
It looks like loose ROE on the face of it.

Parts of the IDF is\are sometimes inept, and sometimes do not learn and adapt.
If one friday will have a high enough number of dead civilians (including stone throwers and the like), it is likely that:
There will be an intervention form outside part like the UN, and
Restrictions on the IDF's use of force will be implemented.
Maybe even a larger conflict in Gaza.
Sing while you may
- The Legendary Pink Dots

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